What To Expect...

...during your first visit.

 An appointment at Curls Like Crazy starts with an in-depth consultation. This is a chance for you to relay any issues you've been experiencing and questions you may have. Do you love the shape of your hair? Is it dry? Do you feel knots of the ends of your hair strands? Have you used heat on your curls? Color?  Are you in the sun a lot? Tell it all!  Knowing your hair history, lifestyle and hair goals is a direct link to coming up with a plan for your curls. 

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time with hair dry, down, unstretched and detangled so your natural curl pattern shows.  This way we're able to give a specific time frame for how long your appointment should last.  PLEASE NOTE that price increases with added time and excessive detangling. We thank you for your understanding and consideration. Don't forget to take a moment to read the FAQ's and Appointment Tips on how to prepare for your appointment so you can have the best experience here at Curls Like Crazy.  We'll see you soon!


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